“it’s not a crazy plan, i promise”

This is possibly a promise that many ATCKs have had to make to friends or spouses who did not grow up living in various cultures. Elizabeth Hemp shares in her poem what others may deem as a “crazy plan,” but anyone who has grown up outside of their passport culture may testify that it is not crazy at all.

"it's not a crazy plan, i promise"
By Elizabeth Hemp

come with me
we could go today
we've got the visas
vaccinations already done
you know
that we know
how to do this

how many times
was this done to us?
we could build a home
anywhere at all, you know
maybe tourists
need plans
but not us

bring your child
i'll pack my camera
we can empty the basement
into the car and fly
across the ocean
counting kilometres
in litres of hopes

come with me
breathe softly, remember
to yawn on the way down
we will be alright
we don't have to
stay here if
we don't want to

Elizabeth Hemp grew up in West Africa and North America. She currently resides in a small community in Pennsylvania and satisfies the travel bug by leaving the country at least once a year.

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