By Heather Adkins

I have a foot planted deep in the soil of Africa… 

I have a foot that wanders the world… 

I breathe in the winds of the highlands… 

I breathe out the winds of change… 

I watch the sunset sink in glorious reds… 

I watch the dawn rise in muted pinks… 

When I inhale on the continent, I inhale the soul of a people who are proud and brave. 

When I exhale in my wandering, I exhale my pride and my bravery. 

I live torn. 

I live loud. 

I live muted. 

I love strong. 

I love scared. 

I live with a loyalty. 

I love with a loyalty. 

I lose with a loyalty. 

It hurts. 

I have a foot planted deep in the soil of Africa; 

But Africa is not mine. 

I have a foot that wanders the world; 

But the world holds no destination. 

My heart pumps strong when I hear the birds of the continent. 

My heart beats loud when I smell rain coming across the valley. 

My heart speaks out when I hear the languages of my youth. 

My heart roars when I consider the possibilities of change. 

I am rooted. 

I am roaming. 

I know who I am. 

I know only who I wish to be. 

I am constant. 

I am change. 

I am known. 

I am unknown. 

I am seen. 

I am unseen… 

It hurts.

Heather Adkins, on what her photos mean to her: “The photos represent the contrast of something that doesn’t belong but makes beauty. When you look at the ones that contrast a green plant growing out of a hard rock, the plant doesn’t belong but brings beauty to its surroundings, despite the difficult conditions. You see it in the berries and snow as well. The contrast continues to represent how TCKs struggle to belong to their environment but bring unexpected beauty all the same. The beach scene is really just about those reflective moments.”

Heather Adkins is a missionary kid (MK) from Kenya. She is now an international teacher and has lived in the USA, Canada, Jordan, Malaysia, and South Korea.

Author of “What do you see?”


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