Tree of Hospitality

By Rebecca Lesan

A warm reception at the door: 

Can I take your coat? 

Would you like to borrow slippers? 

Noticing what guests need, 

offering options for their comfort. 

The home as our preferred place, 

warmth in relationship and space. 

Rest into the cushions and blankets. 

Radiance in eye contact and light 

candles, acceptance, and grace. 

It smells like fresh air in spring, 

clementines and peanuts in winter. 

Welcome with words of affirmation, 

listen, validate, encourage, laugh. 

Make space, let the curious explore. 

It smells like a crackling fall fire. 

Rhubarb and plum pies in summer, 

The rush of warmth out of the oven. 

Share the meaning behind the art, 

your values as a person and host. 

There isn’t one right way to host. 

Each person shares their own gems: 

specially prepared show-and-tell, 

Lego castles, motivational videos, 

nourishing food to be enjoyed. 

Ask about news, burdens, joys. 

Be ready to bear, share, celebrate. 

Help your guests to feel at home, 

seen, welcomed, cherished. 

Acceptance sees authentic beauty. 

Develop projects together, serve, 

allow for time to process, reflect. 

We like a note in our guestbook 

and singing together, especially! 

Flexible expectations about time. 

Ask people about their transitions, 

those questions invite genuineness. 

We are always growing in our 

understanding of hospitality. 

It’s not restricted to a space. 

You can take hospitality with you. 

Process the hurts of your past, 

take the time to heal, to refresh. 

You will find it easier to see the 

beauty in others, and to nurture that. 

Gratitude and generosity flow 

From a soul that knows its maker.

Rebecca and Jacob Lesan Artwork
“Tree of Hospitality” (Ink & watercolor)

Rebecca and Jacob Lesan met in the US while serving international students in Iowa. Jacob grew up in Slovakia and Rebecca in Switzerland and Canada. Both were delighted to get to know another TCK artist and have enjoyed getting to create art together for those whom they love. They especially like to make art around the TCK experience. You can reach out to them if you have an idea for a TCK themed illustration; they appreciate collaborations and commissions.

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