No One Knew

by Ilya Jewel Cheung

Every one of her things 

Had been used before 

Names were faded 

On the objects worn 

She had written hers over them 

But you could still tell 

She was the girl 

That no one knew well 

She’d paint her nails black 

But hide them in pockets 

After closing a door 

She would thoughtlessly lock it 

With stentorian eyes 

And an oversized hood 

She was the girl 

That none understood 

She walked like a general 

Talked like a spy 

She had all her shields up 

But no one knew why 

Overall she was “good” 

She did as instructed 

She was the girl 

Who self-destructed 

Iyla Cheung is a Chinese-Canadian missionary kid (MK) who grew up in Niamey, Niger. 

Farewell to the Moon Gate

Farewell to the Moon Gate

by Melynda Schauer “It’s the Morrison moon gate,” the text from my brother John

Learning Empathy through Migration

Learning Empathy through Migration

By Mus Marian Migration is a fundamental piece in the third culture kid story,

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