Among Worlds Has a New Editor!

by Rachel Hicks and Sheryl O’Bryan

TCK tribe, we know all about transitions, don’t we? Before that sentence brings up too much baggage for you (pun intended), let me put you immediately at ease by saying that the transition I am about to announce is a happy one: I am thrilled to be handing the baton to the next editor of Among Worlds, MaDonna Maurer!

Among Worlds has been a beacon for Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) for many years, both in print and digitally. It has been a joy for me to serve as editor for these last four years, and I leave knowing that this publication and community are in skilled and caring hands with MaDonna at the helm.

With a rich tapestry of life experiences and a fervent dedication to amplifying TCK voices, MaDonna promises to revolutionize the publication’s narrative landscape.

MaDonna traces her roots back to Missouri, U.S. Her thirst for cultural exploration was ignited there. In 1998, armed with a middle school education degree, she embarked on a transformative journey to China. There, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant culture, she found her calling within the walls of an international school.  She nurtured her passion for education and learned about the unique challenges faced by TCKs.

It was in China that MaDonna’s path intertwined with that of Uwe, a German MK from Taiwan. Their love story blossomed, leading to a union that would span continents and cultures. Together, they embarked on a new adventure, eventually settling in Taiwan with their three children: Marcus, Matthea, and Megan.

Despite not being a TCK herself, MaDonna’s intimate understanding of the TCK experience stems from her marriage to Uwe, parenting TCKs, and her dedication to fostering cross-cultural connections. Her personal blog, Raising TCKs, serves as a testament to her commitment to exploring the intricacies of TCK identity and upbringing.

Professional Achievements

Maurer is a skilled writer and editor. With articles featured in renowned publications such as Velvet Ashes and A Life Overseas, and as the former assistant editor of Multicultural Kids Blog, she brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Her recent graduation with a master’s degree in Care and Counseling further bolsters her credentials, positioning her as a trusted advocate and advisor for TCKs and their families.

As MaDonna Maurer takes the reins at Among Worlds, she envisions a future where TCK voices, including those of individuals with disabilities and those who are adopted, are welcomed to center stage. Through her unwavering dedication and boundless passion, she is set to redefine the narrative landscape for TCKs, ensuring that their stories are heard, valued, and celebrated on a global scale.

Book and Podcast Recommendations

Beyond her professional achievements, MaDonna’s voracious appetite for learning is evident in her current reading and podcast preferences. Her latest read is Girl Uprooted by Lena Lee. This underscores her commitment to understanding and empathizing with diverse cultural perspectives in the TCK universe.

In the world of podcasting, MaDonna gravitates towards Therapy and Theology by Proverbs 31 Ministry and Shop Talk with Brandi and James. These podcasts not only complement her professional expertise but also provide valuable insights into member care and cross-cultural therapy, enriching her understanding of TCK experiences and challenges.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, MaDonna intends to delve into the intersectionality of TCK experiences, shedding light on often overlooked perspectives within the community. She plans to collaborate with experts in fields such as psychology, sociology, and education to foster a deeper understanding of the multifaceted identities that define TCKs.

With MaDonna’s innovative leadership, Among Worlds is poised to become not only a publication but a dynamic hub for TCKs to connect, share, and thrive in their global journey of self-discovery and belonging. As MaDonna Maurer embarks on this new chapter, her vision and dedication serve as a beacon of hope for TCKs around the world. With her at the helm, Among Worlds is poised to soar to new heights, amplifying the voices and experiences of TCKs with vigor and authenticity.

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