From Stuck to Unstuck: The Power of Self-Discovery (Video)

By Amber Godfrey

Tedx Youth Talk: Amber Godfrey shares her personal journey of self-discovery through travel and how she broke free from feeling stuck in her life.

Amber Godfrey holds a Master of Science in Education (School Counseling) degree from Hunter College. She is currently a Whole School Counselor at British International School Phuket in Thailand. Amber previously trained as an actor and received her undergraduate degree in Theatre Studies from Acadia University. Her passion for storytelling and travel resulted in the creation of various performance opportunities, including DipKid, which highlights her experiences as a TCK growing up in India, Hong Kong, Canada and Sri Lanka. She is thrilled to be continuing with tradition, living the highs and lows of global transience with her husband and four-year-old son.

TCKs Rock: A Geological Metaphor

TCKs Rock: A Geological Metaphor

By Lisa P

The Loneliness of Being Unknown

The Loneliness of Being Unknown

By Iona McHaney Marcellino I am an expat in the land I call home and a foreigner

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