Painting the In-Between

Today we are featuring artwork that was published first in the December 2021 issue of Among Worlds Magazine. Christine Rasmussen shared about how being a global nomad seeps into her artwork. Check out her story and beautiful artwork below.

Shining Fortress (Raymond Ave) Oil on canvas, 2019, 36 x 48 inches

As a painter, I investigate the in-between, depicting urban landscapes that hover between familiar and imagined. In observing these cityscapes devoid of people, I play with themes of belonging versus aloneness, memory versus daydream, and narrative versus abstraction.

San Fernado Road. Oil on canvas, 2018, 24×20 inches.

These themes interest me as a global nomad who has often found myself hovering between multiple cultures, time zones, languages, and identities. Close observation of my surroundings in every city I encounter reveals recurring materials, shadows, or shapes that I paint as symbols of our shared humanity across perceived differences. By capturing these commonalities—the wondrous details of urban environments—in my paintings, I explore the many complexities and multiple identities of our rich inner lives.

Radiant Facade Oil on canvas, 2020, 20 x 24 inches

My paintings capture spaces that most people pass daily but don’t notice. In documenting them—and often beautifying the banal through my bold color choices, dramatic skies, or shadow play—these everyday spaces become worthy of contemplation. For example, a corrugated metal fence is a barrier, a boundary, or a dividing space, signifying the aloneness and disconnection common in today’s societies. However, the fence is also a common building material used all over the world, often as shelter, and serves as a point of familiarity even in a foreign place, evoking a sense of connection.

Brilliant Passage Oil on canvas, 2020, 20 x 24 inches

Working from my own reference photos, I use light, shadow, and perspective to create geometric abstractions of ubiquitous urban settings. The “story” continues off the canvas, letting the viewer’s imagination step in.

Avenue 17 Oil on canvas, 2018, 20 x 24 inches

Christine Rasmussen

Painter of the in-between

Christine Rasmussen is an American artist born and raised in Pakistan, Vietnam, and the United States. She earned her BA (Double Major – Art Practice and Peace & Conflict Studies) from the University of California, Berkeley. Rasmussen is represented by the Billis Williams Gallery in Southern California, and her work is in the Hilbert Museum of California Art and private collections worldwide. Her work has been featured in American Art Collector, Not Real Art, Artillery, and Among Worlds. Awards include a Chalk Hill Artist Residency, Imagery Estate Winery’s Artist Label Program, and a Culver City Arts Foundation grant. She lives and works in Los Angeles.
Instagram: @christinerasmussenart
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