Just Me 

By Beth Anne Wray

I’m not from one 

But from two or three 

Don’t make me be just from one country 

Don’t make me eat 

Only one cuisine 

I want to taste and to cook freely 

Don’t make me speak 

Just the one language 

Please let me learn, let me turn a phrase 

Don’t make me feel 

Like I can’t be real 

If I don’t fit well in your narrative 

Don’t make me live 

In just one country. 

Just let me fly, let me be. Just be.

You know you are a TCK when you are not surprised to find an elephant in the street.
Feeling just at home in the Serengeti because it reminds me of the landscape where I grew up in India.
Blending cultures and traditions: Christmas Eve dinner featuring spicy Mexican food, served on Indian dishes and Indian furniture and tablecloth, with local North Carolina greenery
Finding commonality and community across barriers: mural of children in Capetown, South Africa.
Greg Wray (husband) bonds with a Cambodian child over binoculars.
American kids (Beth, Jim, Ruth, and Dan Jacober) going off to boarding school on an oxcart.

Beth Anne Wray was born in India to missionary parents and went to boarding school in the foothills of the Himalayas. She found herself in Israel when her parents were transferred to Bethlehem, and attended an international high school in Jerusalem. Years later, she married her childhood sweetheart from kindergarten in India.

Travel photos from trips with her husband are posted publicly on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gabawray/

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